Why Choose Alliance Franchise Brands?

Selling your business is a significant decision, and we understand the importance of finding the right buyer. At Alliance Franchise Brands, we offer a comprehensive and hassle-free process designed to maximize your business’s value and ensure a smooth transition.

Why Choose Us?

  • Proven Expertise: With over 45 years of experience in franchising, we have a deep understanding of the print and sign industry.
  • Extensive Network: Our vast network of franchise brokers and potential buyers ensures you’ll connect with serious, qualified buyers.
  • No Broker Fees: Save money with our zero-commission structure, allowing you to keep more of your sale proceeds.
  • Confidentiality: We handle every step with the utmost discretion, protecting your business information and interests.
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Our Simple 7-Step Selling Process

Free Consultation: Meet with an Alliance Franchise Brands team member to learn more about our MatchMaker Program and determine if it’s the right fit for you to sell your business.
Information Gathering: We’ll collect essential documents to showcase your business’s value to potential buyers. This includes a confidentiality agreement/NDA, Business Profile, Profit & Loss Statements from the previous three years, and an Owner’s Discretionary Income (ODI) worksheet.
Business Valuation:  Our team conducts a thorough valuation and helps you set a competitive go-to-market price. You will then sign our Buyer Referral Agreement, and we will prepare an Executive Summary to present to potential buyers.
Marketing Your Business: Leverage our extensive network and digital marketing expertise to find the perfect buyer for your print or sign business.
Screening Buyers: We meticulously screen potential buyers to ensure they’re financially qualified and a good fit for your business culture.
Negotiation and Closing: We’ll connect you with qualified buyers, negotiate the sale, and guide you through the due diligence closing process.
Smooth Transition: Enjoy peace of mind while your buyer attends Alliance University, receiving comprehensive training and support through our New Franchise Member Training.

Are you ready to sell your business?

Deciding to sell your business is a major milestone and involves thoughtful planning. It’s important to evaluate all your options to ensure the best outcome for your hard work. Whether you choose to list the business yourself, hire a local broker, or partner with a trusted organization, understanding each pathway can help you make an informed decision.

FactorsSelling on Your OwnListing with a Local Business BrokerPartnering with Alliance Franchise Brands
Marketing ReachLimited to personal network and local advertising.
Cost: $1,000+
Broader reach through broker’s network and channels.
Cost varies by broker $0 – $3000+
Extensive reach through our established network of franchise brokers, internet advertising and industry-specific marketing strategies.
Cost: FREE
Business ValuationOwner’s estimation, potentially less accurate. Or pay for professional business valuation.
Cost: $500-$5,000
Professional valuation services, but may not specialize in print and sign businesses.
Cost: varies by broker $0 – $1500, may be included in broker fees of 10 – 12%
Specialized and proven valuation tailored to the print and sign industry.
Cost: FREE
 Agreements NeededNo AgreementAgreement with local business brokerAgreement with Alliance Franchise Brands
Potential Buyers PoolLocal business opportunity seekersLocal business opportunity seekersLocal business opportunity seekers and local franchise seekers
Broker or Advisory Fees Cost of SellingLower upfront cost but may lead to lower sale price.
Cost: varies based on CPA/Advisory Fees
Broker fees can be significant, often a percentage of the sale price.
Cost: typically 10-12% of sale price
NO broker fees or commissions with potential for higher overall value through AFB’s expertise.
Cost: FREE
Time InvestmentHigh; owner must handle all aspects of the sale including interviewing, qualifying and vetting potential buyers all while still running the business.Moderate; broker handles many tasks but owner remains involved.Low;  AFB manages the entire process, allowing owners to focus on their business until the sale.
ConfidentialityHarder to maintain; risk of employees, vendors or customers finding out.High level of confidentiality maintained throughout the process.High level of confidentiality maintained throughout the process.
Expertise and SupportLimited; owner must rely on personal knowledge and resources on how to sell a business.Access to broker’s expertise but varies by individual broker.Comprehensive support from our team of experts with extensive industry knowledge having assisted our franchisees to complete more than 400 acquisitions.
Due DiligenceOwner must manage all due diligence, potentially missing critical details.Broker assists but may not cover all industry-specific nuances.Thorough and detailed due diligence assisted by our experienced team.
Buyer TrainingSeller’s ResponsibilitySeller’s ResponsibilityWe provide training and support for all new Franchise Members ensuring your transition is as smooth as possible including up to 3 weeks classroom training, up to 10 days on-site training, on-going field support, 3-year RightStart training and support programs.
Total Cost for a Business with $500,000 Purchase Price$10,000+$50,000+FREE*
* Does not include Sellers cost for legal, financial or accounting fees.

By partnering with Alliance Franchise Brands, you can confidently navigate the sale of your business, knowing you have the support and expertise of an industry leader. Contact us today to begin your journey.